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Evan from Vancouver writes:

Trail is seasonal, not open year round. It opens in May. I'm not sure when it closes for winter, but it must sometime after August.

I planned to hike Lone Cone in late April 2019, but the morning of intended departure I found out it's closed upon calling for a water taxi. Locals we spoke with the day before were not aware, or just forgot to mention this detail.

    Posted: April 21, 2019 04:22:02 PM PST

    Megan Haliburton from Burnaby writes:

    Incredible hike. I did this with some friends on August 18, 2018 and it was difficult but absolutely worth every step. The view of Tofino and the surrounding area throughout Clayoquet Sound is more than words could ever describe. Your quads will hate you the next day, so get a good stretch in afterwards.

    Keep in mind it is not a popular hike. On a Saturday in August, we saw only about 10 people in total. Cell phone reception is patchy on the island so be sure someone knows where you're going and when to expect you back. It can also be technically challenging both ways, so anticipate getting dirty.

    There is a great hostel on the island where you can camp or stay in a dorm; it's run by the local first nations. I highly recommend it (and they have a hot tub, yes!!!).

    Another person mentioned it's harder than The Chief and Grouse Grind - I'd absolutely agree with this. It was one of the most challenging hikes I've ever done (I tend to stick to "medium" level difficulty trails).

      Posted: August 25, 2018 04:03:31 PM PST

      Samantha from Edmonton writes:

      Just hiked this today (May 2nd 2018) with my family and had a great time with spectacular views. We are all moderately fit gals aged (24-56) and made it to the top but it is indeed a more challenging hike. Its pretty mucky for the first chunk and then a climb for most of the rest. Two of us wore runners but we both wished we had hiking boots for the wet muddy sections and for the rooty nature of the hike, thankfully no one rolled any ankles! The path was well marked out with neon tie-ons and 100ft marker signs all the way to the top. We had a clear day and the view was simply magical. Would recommend if you are willing to sweat it out and have decent knees!

        Posted: May 2, 2018 10:00:33 PM PST

        Brande from Delta writes:

        WOW! This trail is hard work but well worth it when you see the view.

        You will need good boots, lots of water, a bit of bug spray and your camera. I am an avid hiker but a take my time and I was up and down in 5.5 hours and that included about 30 minutes at the top soaking in a view that amazed me. The near vertical trail for at least a km is tedious to climb but not technical - and quite a bit tougher coming down.

        There are people on the island with the new Hostel and Campground and the Village but it is still pretty lonely on the trail - I only say 8 people on beautiful Saturday. So perhaps don't hike alone if it can be avoided. It is $10 to hike it, payable to the local First Nations community at their kiosk at the trail head or the hostel. So worth it!

        There black bears, wolves, puma and cougar on the island but all I saw were some squirrels (phew!).

        I have heard this hike compared to the Chief and the Grind - I would say it was much harder than either of those (or perhaps those two hikes combined).

        Jamie's Whaling Station and my captain Dennis for the water taxi across were awesome. About $40 per person, minimum 2 people.

          Posted: August 24, 2015 03:18:29 PM PST

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