• Distance 1km
  • Elevation Gain 123 stairs
  • Camping No

The 1-kilometre Halfmoon Bay Trail is a short hike that takes you through a lush rainforest before descending a steep set of wooden, cliff-hugging steps that exit onto a scenic and secluded beach area.

The Halfmoon Bay Trail starts along the Willowbrae Trail, at the top of the steps that lead down to a small beach. Walk along the trail and up the stairs, following the boardwalk and a dirt path as it meanders through the lush, mossy forest. Continue along the trail as it rounds the corner onto a gravel section and reaches the top of a long set of stairs and downward wooden ramps. Climb down the steps and zigzag back along the hillside, then carefully make your way down the final wooden ramp and onto the beach.


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How to get to Halfmoon Bay Trail

The start of the trail to Halfmoon Bay is located along the Willowbrae Trail, on the left side of the trail at the top of the wooden stairs.

From Tofino, drive south and pass through the Pacific Rim National Park and continue driving to the Tofino - Ucluelet junction. Go straight at the junction towards Ucluelet and watch for a gravel road on the right 2km further. Turn right onto the gravel road and drive a short distance up the road to a parking area next to a yellow gate.

From Ucluelet, drive north and watch for signs to the Willowbrae and Halfmoon Bay Trails. Turn left onto the dirt road and drive a short distance, parking near the area next to the yellow gate.

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