• Distance 2.6km
  • Elevation Gain flat
  • Camping No

As part of the larger Wild Pacific Trail, the Lighthouse Loop Trail features a stop at an active lighthouse, along with spectacular views of massive rock formations along the Pacific Ocean coastline.

This 2.6-kilometre trail is particularly popular with storm watchers due to its proximity to the ocean, which provides a fantastic opportunity to witness the sheer force of high winds and rain - combined with the ocean's powerful waves pounding against the rugged coastal rocks.

To start the Lighthouse Loop, walk to the map board near the parking lot and veer right along the trail. Hike the trail for a short distance, moving towards the sounds of the ocean, and then go right at the junction with the viewpoint trail. Along this next section of the trail, you'll find several viewpoints that provide striking views of the huge ocean waves crashing over the rocks below. Continue along the trail until it reaches the first viewpoint of the lighthouse. Just beyond this viewpoint, you can walk down to the lighthouse to take some closer photos before returning to the trail.

Follow the trail as it continues on, offering more views of the rocks below. It should become less windy as you pass the side that is most exposed to the coastline. Go right at the junction, then hike up a steep hill as the trail leaves the viewpoints and wanders through the forest. At another junction to Tin Kis Lodge, veer right and continue on. From here, it is only a few hundred meters back to the road and the parking lot on the other side where you began your hike.

How to get to Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop

To reach the start of the trail, drive south on Highway #4 from the Tofino-Ucluelet junction and continue onto Ucluelet, passing gas stations and town shops along the way. Turn right onto Coast Guard Drive and drive up a short hill, then turn left into the gravel parking lot. The trail begins next to a map of the area.

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